Not many things last shorter than a drink, but ironically whether it’s water or juice, most of them come in a hard capsule of a plastic bottle that stays in a landfill for centuries to come. I am fascinated by plastic bottles and want to explore their multi-facetted relationship to nature.

Stripped of their noisy bright labels, united in their authentic state of transparency, bottles are no longer weapons in the ongoing marketing war of beverage companies, but instead, present a pure material infused with its own fantastical properties. Like clear cells, they reference the organic world in all of its diversity. They are also naturally connected to it by way of the fossil fuels they are derived from. Placed in the raw environment, both beautiful and ghostly, they create a shadowed projection of their living companions, acting as a present, if subtle, reminder that by their sheer number they endanger the very existence of the natural world they imitate.