In a culture where we are constantly bombarded with superlatives …Grand, Ultimate, Magnificent, Exquisite, Exclusive… we have learned to suppress our innate emotional responses. Subconsciously we shave off the excess layers of hype, bringing the grandiose down to the level of reality.

Yet there is an idealism within the human psyche which is hard to eradicate. We retain the hope that against all odds we can strike it rich, unearth gems among ashes, turn rags into silk and chiffon.

With this work, I wish to put the viewer through a familiar passage, to lure them into something deeply experiential: the very moment when a golden key is almost within one’s reach, or where what hangs before them becomes The Golden Fleece. These soft sculptures are like all things which are craved and desired. Once the “thing” is acquired the luster fades, the intrigue vanishes, and all which the hype and the superlatives promised melts away.

These sculptures are intricately composed with luscious and seductive textures suggesting enormous flower petals or colonies of butterflies in flight. I want the viewer to be drawn to them, to feel compelled to stroke the curves, and only then to discover what those luscious curves are made of. In that moment of realization, intrigue gives way to a repulsed recoil; that which looked exquisite turns out to be plastic bags. Yet despite the betrayal, the hanging remains cuddly, soft, pleasant to touch and a warm
feeling toward it is restored.

Often we make peace with these objects that betray us, even if partially and with some reservation. By creating an effect which lures, repulses and offers reconciliation, we can learn how to cope with, proceed through, and hope despite a reality distorted by false promises.